Welcome to the home of Joe Klingler, award-winning author of the thrillers Mash Up and RATS—and now the new mystery Missing Mona. I write novels about how digital technology is changing the ways crimes are committed, and how they are solved. I am also a  fan of music and motorcycles, so these pop up too.

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“What is even more appealing is Klingler’s ability to write a private investigator novel reminiscent of one from years ago and bring it into the present day by intertwining new-age technology, opening up the target audience to a wide age range of readers, making this book unique and a must-read.”—San Francisco Book Review 5 of 5 Stars

missingmonacover600x846Tommy wakes up with a problem bigger than his tequila hangover…

He just turned twenty-nine and the cold reality that his twenties are almost over slaps him hard. His life is…well…a shadowy pencil sketch of his dreams. So he sets out to change it—one mile at a time.

The First Tommy Cuda Mystery…now available at Amazon for Kindle and in paperback.