Reading and resolutions for 2016.

Mona Newsletter Jan 2016I’ve been looking at a bookcase full of books I’ve purchased, but haven’t had time to read. These range from artificial intelligence and mathematics, to writing guidance, a huge stack of mysteries, the history of yoga, and even the invention of the compass. How am I ever going to read so many wonderful works?

As I stand here facing this stack of compelling art by dedicated authors, I am grateful for every single reader who chooses to read my books from the bazillions available to them. I also recall the power and joy of the gift of reading, and realize…I need a resolution to do better in 2016. A recent article suggested that instead of making a vow to change behavior (which often fails) one should rather change their environment (stop walking past the donut shop and avoid temptation).

So my bookcase will be moving to a more prominent location where I’ll see it every day, peruse the books, and (fingers crossed), pick one up and read it. I hope to read everyday, rain or shine, busy or loafing. If I can manage an extra 30 minutes each day, that will increase my reading by 183 hours in the coming year. If we assume that an average book requires about 10 hours of reading time, that will put an 18 book dent in my bookshelf this year.

Unless, of course, I buy more than 18 new books. In that case, I’ll need to shop for a larger bookshelf. How about you? How much of the joy of reading will find its way into your life this year? Will you be making a resolution too?

Happy Leap Year,
— JK

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