Joe Klingler’s thriller, RATS, now available in paperback.

ratsproofUp until this moment I only had eBooks available for my novels. I love eBooks: download in 60 seconds, carry hundreds of books with you, read on dozens of different devices from smartphones to big screen computers, control the font and its size. This is all terrific new technology. But still…

There is something wonderful about paper: the weight, the texture, the sound of pages turning, flipping back to check on details, the aroma of rows of books in your library, giving books as gifts to family and friends. All great fun. Not to mention that readers have been after me to produce paper for a while now.

I recently set aside some time to research print-on-demand (POD) technology, and the quality that has been attained is downright amazing: virtually indistinguishable from traditional printing techniques. After some (very) careful word processing with the provided template, I was finally able to upload a pdf file and cover art. In a few days, proofs arrived at my door. (Above I’m checking the proof of a 6-by-9 inch trade paper version of RATS.)

By the time you read this, RATS in paperback will be available on at a list price of $15.95 (they typically discount slightly). If you like books on paper, I hope you’re as satisfied with the result as I am. And as an added bonus, POD saves trees by not creating all those returns from bookstores that are ultimatelly destroyed; and also saves energy by only shipping the book once: direct from the factory that prints it—to your doorstep.

P.S. If you prefer to support your local bookstore, RATS will soon be available for ordering. The ISBN-13 is: 978-1-941156-02-5, published by Cartosi LLC.


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