Mysteries and Chocolate Night in Silicon Valley

FHCCchocolateI was honored to be the invited “secret” speaker at the annual Mysteries and Chocolate night at Fremont Hills Country Club last week. The hosts, Joanie and Nikki, invited me to spend the evening talking about mystery writing, favorite authors, the publishing industry, and reading from my novels. I even got to talk about one of the first books I can ever remember reading: Four Wheel Drift by Bruce Carter. On the surface it’s a story for kids about car racing. But on another level, it tells of a mechanic whose knowledge makes the car fast, because he attended night school and learned about engines, and through education was creating a new life for himself.

FHCCpodiumI was thrilled to be part of an event that included wine tasting and chocolate appetizers before dinner, and more chocolate for dessert. We talked about the way mysteries generate suspense with the “Who done it?” unfolding of discovery, while thrillers often use a clock ticking toward to an impending (usually catastrophic) event.

I read from favorite authors (Stephen King Joyland, Lee Child 61 Hours) and also read a sneak preview of my soon to be released novel Mash Up. This is my second novel, and the first featuring detectives Kandy Dreeson and Qigiq. Follow them on this riveting escapade as they strive to avoid very real-life stalkers while unraveling a web of cyber-clues: a shocking video on YouTube posted by F112358, a mysterious Internet-virus that appears to attack music fans, and the curious power of a craigslist ad.

Here’s the opening of Mash Up:
FIVE INCHES OF DUCT TAPE stilled the air. This hadn’t been the plan—but the softness of her bare body flopping on the deck like fresh flounder had insisted. And why not? Why not use it before it was gone?

FHCCcrowdA big thank you to everyone for their enthusiasm for my work, and to all the ladies who attended for the warm welcome and insightful questions about the history of the mystery novel, my own interest in writing, and how I celebrate when I release a new book (hint: a motorcycle is involved.)

I hope to see you all on the road sometime.


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