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Joe Klingler’s thriller, RATS, now available in paperback.

Up until this moment I only had eBooks available for my novels. I love eBooks: download in 60 seconds, carry hundreds of books with you, read on dozens of different devices from smartphones to big screen computers, control the font … Continue reading

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What Does The Duck Say?

I’ve been using technology from the little startup company as my primary search engine for years. As a thriller writer, I search for things like: how much does a million dollars in twenties weigh; or, how much explosive is … Continue reading

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5-Star Mash Up review from Literature Typeface.

Merrick has posted a detailed review of the recently released Mash Up on his blog “Literature Typeface.” Please check out his insights and reactions such as: “almost every character offers some sort of unique perspective and really great moments where … Continue reading

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Announcing Mash Up, the Latest Thriller from Joe Klingler

It started a long while back in Cupertino, CA when my friend Gary wore a Napster T-shirt to work. Engaging conversation regarding intellectual property ensued: What rights did consumers have to make copies? What rights did the creators have to … Continue reading

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Mysteries and Chocolate Night in Silicon Valley

I was honored to be the invited “secret” speaker at the annual Mysteries and Chocolate night at Fremont Hills Country Club last week. The hosts, Joanie and Nikki, invited me to spend the evening talking about mystery writing, favorite authors, … Continue reading

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