Got Willpower?

I truly enjoyed a recent book by yoga teacher and psychologist Kelly McGonigal called The Willpower Instinct. If you want to understand why your mind keeps undermining your good intentions to lose weight or clean up the garage, this is one good place to look. (Hint: It’s not your mind, it’s your body.)

The book discusses intriguing science experiments and suggests how to utilize this knowledge of the body and brain to resist temptation and motivate yourself toward your long-term goals. Her step-by-step narration of what happens when a human sees a piece of strawberry cheesecake is worth the price of admission alone. Add to that the many case studies from her students at Stanford Continuing Education where the content of the book is taught as a ten week course and you’ve got a good supply of information you can use to run experiments on yourself.

Find your willpower and make the changes you want in your life. Kelly says you can. Her book shows you the path. Wait, is that cheesecake calling me?

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