BMW announces an announcement.

BMW90thIn college I rode an R75/6 air-cooled boxer up and down the East coast and as far west as Chicago. It was a bright metallic blue with white hand-painted pinstripes. I’ve been thinking about how to assemble a custom bike around a boxer engine to get close to that bike for a couple of years.

But a few months ago BMW announced that they would be announcing a new model of their long running air-cooled boxer for 2013 as a special way of celebrating the “90 years of BMW Motorrad” anniversary. I’m ready. Where is it? This drawing suggests a bit of café racer, standard telescopic forks and who knows what kind of power.

I’m waiting and watching, but just for good measure stopped over at my local dealer and asked if I could put a (small refundable) deposit on one, even though the model hasn’t been announced. She said sure, I’ve got a deposit here from a guy who’s been waiting for a turbo for the past ten years.

So I’m in line. Just in case.

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